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Walenweeshuis, Studio C



Built in the 17th century as an orphanage by the Wallonian Church, the Walenweeshuis was acquired by the French state ...

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Nicolaas Witsenkade restoration, Studio C


Nicolaas Witsenkade 

Designed by Ed Cuypers, this unique example of Neo-Venetian architecture was built in 1891 as the mansion ...

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Bloemendaal office studio transformatin, Studio C



This old workshop was transformed into an office and studio space with a new front façade made of glass in steel ...
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Ferdinan Bolstraat police station transformatio, Studio C


Ferdinand Bolstraat police station 

Studio C will be designing the transformation of this former police station located in the Amsterdam-Zuid borough. Built in 1926 in ...
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Vereniging Hogescholen Headquarters renovation, Studio C


Vereniging Hogescholen Headquarters

The past years, Studio C has carried out renovation in different phases at the headquarters of Vereniging ... 
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